First Post!

Today is the maiden voyage of my Retained Search Blog. I have had my own business website for over 11 years now and although it was fairly trendy to have a blog on your site, I never really thought it would be worth the effort. There are so many different blogs and news aggregators and opinions that they all tend to blend together in my mind. Quite frankly since I almost never read anyone’s blog, I figured no one would want to read mine.

However, as I have evolved as a recruiter, I have learned so many  transformational lessons during my journey that I have began sharing them with other recruiters and the response that I typically get is one of appreciation, excitement and further inquiry. I have had many long phone conversations where I convey some of the truths that I have learned about converting a contingency recruiting practice into a fully retained practice and somehow it seems to resonate and bring about more curiosity. Several people have asked me to write a blog so I have finally succumbed to their pressure.

Perhaps you share my views and have a thriving Retained Search practice. It is also possible that you aspire to this in the future.  I hope that by reading this blog, you will find value that will help you make the same transition that I did. You are welcome to agree or  disagree with something that I say here. I welcome disagreement on this blog. I don’t think that I have all the answers as it relates to the recruiting industry.  I believe in a healthy exchange of ideas such that we can all get better and build our industry up.

Let’s do this!



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