Stuck in Concrete

People are stuck in Concrete! For all the opinions in cyberspace and beyond, I find it to be extraordinarily rare that anyone EVER changes their minds. For some reason, we seem to have figured everything out by the time we’re 30 years old. I wonder if it is a physiologic reason or if people are simply too lazy to allow their ideas to be challenged without defending them with every fiber of their being. Unless we are so smart or lucky to have arrived at all the right opinions by the time we are 30, chances are we have room for growth. I know that this must be tempered with logic and reason. It has been said that if your mind is too open, your brain will fall out. What do you think it is that motivates people to not allow their ideas to change? Whether it is political views, religious views, or opinions about how to conduct certain aspects of our businesses, it appears that most people are closed off from allowing themselves to deviate from their small comfort zone.

I don’t know how one can improve and keep up with the changing times and remain relevant without adapting even the most basic views. I observed this in the late 80’s when Arthroscopic Knee Surgery was growing by leaps and bounds. It was growing because it offered better outcomes and less morbidity and faster recovery times for patients. Yet there were some surgeons who thought that it was either a passing fad or couldn’t imagine a scenario where their current methods and results could be improved upon. So, they didn’t change the way that they performed knee surgery and were left behind. Their practices suffered. The same was true in the shoulder and the “State of the Art” is continuing to advance. The reality is that no matter what your chosen field, you fall into one of three categories, Early Adopter, Mainstream or a Dinosaur. If you are an early adopter, you are continually seeking better ways of doing what you do if they offer an improvement over the status quo. Mainstream people wait to see that enough people around them are doing something that it will not be a risk to them if they try and fail. As far as the Dinosaur is concerned… As you know, Dinosaurs are extinct.

This concept also applies to anyone in HR or who hires talent. If you are still working on Contingency, then you are not availing yourself of the best tool to find the best people.


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