Outside of the Box

Why is it that people expect us to conform to the “Norm?” I think it is short sighted and weak-minded to be too conventional. The problem with Conventional Thinking, is that conventionality becomes obsolete over time. The usual analogy is the Buggy Whip, but you don’t have to go back that long to see a thriving business essentially become obsolete by failing to understand how technology can transform a business. Blockbuster Video held on to DVD rental too long and it killed them. In the past five years, their stock plummeted 99.82%. While the Internet streaming capability grew, Blockbuster stuck their head in the sand. They had a great run and effectively managed the technology change from VHS to DVD. Somehow they completely fumbled the next transition to Internet streaming.

I see a similar phenomenon in recruiting but no one wants to admit it. Since companies have figured out how to use the internet for candidate sourcing, Contingency Recruiters have been rushing to the web in a race to the “Low Hanging Fruit.”


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