Recruiters – Quit Feeding your “Clients” Scraps

Contingency Search has run its course and it is time to fundamentally change the way recruiting agencies do business. Everyone has access to the internet so if you’re an agency recruiter, you should leave the internet job boards to your clients. If you’re an agency recruiter, and you work on contingency, you should seriously consider elevating your game before you become marginalized by the fact that you are not doing what is best for your clients. In fact, you have already been marginalized and it isn’t necessarily your fault. It is the terms under which you are engaged with your clients that prohibits you from finding the best possible person to fill the key role in your client’s company. In the truest form, recruiters do more than find people who CAN do a job and instead search to find the best of the best talent that will fit well into the company and excel in their role providing a long-term value to the company. To many recruiters, doing the search right is a luxury that they cannot afford because they know that they are in a race against the clock. Finding people who are already active searching for work is the only way to compete, whether it is another recruiter or the company’s internal sourcing capabilities. However, skimming resumes off Internet job boards is NOT recruiting. One of my main purposes of this blog is to encourage recruiters to quit cheapening themselves and our industry by partaking in the “race to the bottom” as I commonly refer to it. Educate your “clients” on the value of real recruiting and engage them in a way that ensures that you both share the same priorities.


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