I am a Retained Executive Search Consultant in the Medical Device Industry. I have been in recruiting for over 11 years.  Prior to search, I was in the Medical Device Industry for 13 years. I am passionate about the area of Search and find that what I have learned about search can be transformational as it was in my case. After my first five years in the business, I was thoroughly discouraged and seriously contemplated leaving the industry altogether. That was when I was encouraged by a 35 year veteran that it wasn’t search that was my problem, but instead it was the way that I was practicing. I learned the business in the Contingency side and although I longed to one day work retained, I couldn’t see a clear path to it.  After speaking with this old sage, I determined that I would change my methodology. The next six plus years has been an incredibly fulfilling and rewarding experience. I will never return to contingency search and have helped others make the same transition. This blog is about all the thing that I have learned and am learning.  

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  1. I really enjoyed your presentation today and would very much appreciate it if you would send the sample search agreement you mentioned during your presentation.


    Fred Lloyd

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