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2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Drue, Your article regarding the problem with recruiters was interesting. I agree to an extend. If you have to shove a closing and just throw candidates at a company then you are not a recruiter, you are a slave to the machine of what your boss wants in production and goals.

    I set up my own agency to get away from the idea of forcing candidates to companies and pushing for closing. I focus on good companies and for a good relationship and find good candidates. If you do that then there is no forced closing. Is it easy, absolutely not, we all want to close, but you have to let guide a closing and work the value of what each wants and it will happen.

    That is why being an independent recruiter works for me.

    Best to you and I enjoy your blog.

    Vaughn Rice
    Americas Food Biz

    • Vaughn, Thanks for your comments. You obviously get it, and that is increasingly rare these days. The model you are referring to is one where the recruiters and their managers give little consideration for the client or the outcome beyond the 30 day guarantee. They state things like, “I’m not in the retention business.” and “That’s not my job.” They seem to forget that it is their job to mitigate the probability of a bad fit and act on behalf of all parties not just their own or even solely their client’s. I appreciate people like you who are willing to make decisions with a long view toward mutual success! All the best!

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