Recruiter Coaching

Elevate your Game!

If you are a contingency recruiter, and you are headed for burn-out, I assure you that there is a better way. The only thing you have to give up is the despair and disappointment that comes with unrewarded effort. Are you  tired of spreading yourself thin working on searches that you never get compensated for? Are you willing to give up the intense amount of failure that contingency breeds? Are you tired of being a “bottom-feeder?”

If this makes you angry, then it is likely striking a chord. You can’t keep this up forever, and why would you? If you knew that you could get a retainer from your clients and you knew that you would close every deal, then why would you ever want to work another way?

In business, we should endeavor to do the best that we possibly can for our clients, however, the contingency search is not conducive to building long term value in your practice.  I was ready to quit the business altogether, when I was shown that the “recruiting industry” wasn’t the problem. I was the problem. The way that I was working, on Contingency, brought out the worst in everyone. It wasn’t overnight, but I gave it up and today 100% of our practice is on retainer and we have enjoyed consistent steadiness despite the fluctuations in the economy. If you want respect from your client and to stop spinning your wheels on searches that you never close, then get off the hamster wheel and start doing the right thing for you and your clients.

We have been helping contingency recruiters convert their practices into retained businesses for years and love seeing others “get it.” It is the best thing you will ever do for yourself, your company and your clients.

Good luck!


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